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the Acadia Line

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About the Acadia Line

The Acadia Line is an ultra-high-speed high-volume subterranean second-generation Hyperloop connecting Bangor, Ellsworth, and Bar Harbor. It is operated by Acadia Rapid Transit, which is managed independently from the DRT.

Bangor Scheduled air service Scheduled bus service

Bangor is a major intermodal transit point. Nonstop scheduled air service (USAir, Delta, and other airlines) operates from Bangor International Airport (BGR) to Detroit, New York-LaGuardia, Philadelphia, Washington DC-Reagan, Sanford/Orlando and Tampa/St. Pete. Regularly scheduled bus service (Concord Coach, Greyhound) connects to Boston, Montréal, the Maritime provinces and beyond.

This station is seeking a stationmaster.

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Ellsworth station is located next to the scenic Union river in downtown Ellsworth, near the intersection of Water and Main streets. One of the DRT's busiest stations, Ellsworth serves as an important transfer hub for riders traveling between Downeast Maine and Bangor. Ample parking is available here for DRT riders.

Station entrance: In the parking lot adjacent to Coastal Interiors, 21 Water Street, Ellsworth.

Stationmasters: Nick Chase and Kelsie

Transfer here to: Barrens Line

Bar Harbor Scheduled air service

CapeAir offers year-round daily air service from Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport (BHB) to Boston. During the summer season, PenAir operates twice daily to Boston. Bar Harbor is a major New England cruise ship port.

This station is seeking a stationmaster.

Transfer here to: Water Line