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About the Barrens Line

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October in the blueberry barrens.
Photo courtesy Joanne Halpin.

The Barrens Line winds beneath some of North America's most breathtaking natural scenery. Two hundred thousand acres of wild blueberry fields sprawl across the rugged glacially scoured landscape, home to the world's largest single crop of wild blueberries. The seasonally changing colors of the blueberry barrens are a glorious sight to behold. Charred black by fire in early spring (to stimulate growth and control weeds), the barrens soon take on the healthy bright green blush of new growth. By midsummer the tiny fruits begin to mature, washing the fields with rippling waves of pale blue. During the August harvest the blue abruptly vanishes section by section, acre by acre, as teams of migrant farmworkers make their way across the fields. The colors reach their climax in early October, when the fields erupt in a riotous crescendo of otherworldy reds, purples, and crimson, to be eventually hushed by the tender white blankets of winter's first snows.

DRT riders can savor this extraordinarily beautiful landscape year-round from the comfortable observation decks situated atop each station on the Barrens Line. As with all services on the DRT, the observation decks are barrier-free and universally accessible. Bring a friend, bring your camera, and prepare to be astonished!


This station is seeking a stationmaster.

Transfer here to: Spruce Line Peninsula Line Water Line

Ellsworth Google Maps

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Ellsworth station is located next to the scenic Union river in downtown Ellsworth, near the intersection of Water and Main streets. One of the DRT's busiest stations, Ellsworth serves as an important transfer hub for riders traveling between Downeast Maine and Bangor. Ample parking is available here for DRT riders.

Station entrance: In the parking lot adjacent to Coastal Interiors, 21 Water Street, Ellsworth.

Stationmasters: Nick Chase and Kelsie

Transfer here to: Acadia Line


This station is seeking a stationmaster.

Lead Mountain Google Maps

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Lead Mountain station is the DRT's gateway to Maine's spectacular backcountry. From here you can access the Narraguagus River, Lead Mountain Pond, Beddington Lake, Pleasant River Lake, Spruce Mountain Pond, Boggs Brook Flowage, and the Velvet Road through the Blueberry Barrens to Cherryfield. Over 6,000 miles of Maine's famous ATV trails wind through the backcountry, where you can see an abundance of wildlife, including moose, bear, deer, coyote, fox, eagles, loons, and fish. Local wildlife often spotted at the station include ATV'ers, hikers, hunters, bikers, kayakers, campers, musicians, artists, craftsmen and Maine Master Guides. You can join the fun by attending a meeting of the Airline Snackbar ATVers or the Airline Riders Snowmobile Club.

Station entrance: Near the front door of the Airline Lodge & Snackbar, 3752 Airline Rd.,Rt. 9, Beddington, Maine. Specializing in homemade pies, donuts, fresh cooked food and fun.

Stationmasters: Maryann Janusz and Frank Janusz

Deblois Scheduled air service

Charter and private air services at the Deblois airstrip are available by prior arrangement. Or BYOA.

This station is seeking a stationmaster.


This station is seeking a stationmaster.

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This station is seeking a stationmaster.

Transfer here to: Lake Line Moosehorn Line

Calais Access to Canada Customs inspection Google Maps

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Cosmopolitan Calais is home to the northernmost station in the DRT network. From the station entrance it's a short walk down to the shops and restaurants of Main Street and the Calais Walkway, a 1.5-mile-long walking trail that winds along the banks of the scenic St. Croix River. When you come, bring your passport and stroll over the border bridge right into downtown St. Stephen — Canada's "Chocolate City" and home of the annual summer Chocolate Fest.

Station entrance: 30 Swan Street, Calais

Stationmaster: Richard P. Auletta

Transfer here to: Peninsula Line Moosehorn Line